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Simplified Plans for Opening

  • For the last 3 weeks of term (June 29th – July 17th) you have the option to send your child back to school for the opportunity to check-in, catch up and prepare for September.

  • Children will be in Bubbles of up to 7 / 8 children. They will not have contact with other children who are in school at the same time. We have tried to arrange these bubbles considering siblings and friendship groups

  • Each child will have 1 day a week in school over the next 3 weeks (Year 6 will have additional sessions where capacity allows)

  • Please only bring your child to school on their allocated days.

  • All children must be brought to school by a parent / carer. Parents / Carers must hand their children over to their teacher / teaching assistant at the allocated drop off / pick up point (Gates A, B, C or D). Do not leave your child unattended.

  • If your child is not able to come in on any of their allocated days, please contact school to let us know – this is not to check up on attendance as the sessions are optional but will help us support any families where there might be factors preventing children coming back to school.

  • If you have decided you do not wish for your child to return to school, but then change your mind and want them in for the next week, please inform school of this by midday on Thursday. Every effort will be made to accommodate your child in the most suitable bubble.

  • If your child is unwell, please do not send them in to school. If they display Covid symptoms, please follow PHW guidelines.

  • Any child who presents as unwell will be sent home. We will have 2 isolation rooms where children will wait to be collected. These rooms will be deep cleaned before being used again. Parents will be called to collect their child from school as soon as possible. Any children who are sick are to be collected from Door 5 and leave via Gate C.

  • Children will be encouraged to keep the social distancing rule at all times. Please can you reinforce this message at home before your child comes back to school.

  • The start and end of the day will be staggered to accommodate all the bubbles. Please arrive at school at (or as near as possible to) these allotted times.

  • The playground will be divided into 4 zones, which the children will access on a rolling programme over the days they are in school.

  • Handwashing and hand sanitizing will be encouraged regularly throughout the day. Please encourage good habits in this at home before your child returns.

  • Each child will have individual basic resources (pen, pencil, ruler) kept in an individual bag or pencil case in their classroom. Your child will not need to bring in any of these resources from home.

  • Shared equipment will be cleaned at the end of every day.

  • Each child must bring a packed lunch in a lunch box / bag (there is no need to bring in a larger bag other than a lunch bag)

  • No litter or food waste is to be left in school- this will all go back into children’s lunchboxes and brought home.

  • Your child will need to bring 1 / 2 bottles of water. These can be refilled in school by staff if needed but the water fountains will not be accessible to children.

  • Children will need to wear clean clothes every day, this does not have to be uniform but should be sensible clothing which allows physical activity (no separate PE kits)

  • The children do not need to bring any bags to school. Coats will remain in classrooms and must be taken home at the end of each day.

  • There will be no breakfast club and there will be no After School Clubs.

  • The current PHW advice is that wearing a facemask is not necessary as long as social distancing and regular handwashing are observed.

  • Children with long hair should tie it back to minimise the need to touch their face with their hands.

  • The wearing of jewellery and watches is not permitted.

  • The safety of all children and staff in the school is paramount. Any child who behaves in a way that compromises the safety of themselves or others by deliberately flouting the safety rules will not be able to remain in school – parents / carers will be contacted to pick them up as soon as possible.

  • Parents will also need to socially distance at drop-off / pick-up points. To minimise the number of contacts, parents will not be permitted on to the school site, unless in the case of an emergency. Please ensure any messages are communicated to the member of staff at the drop-off / pick up point or by telephone / Seesaw.

    This list will hopefully cover all of the information you will need to know to allow you to bring your school back to school safely. If there is anything else you need to know or if you would like any of these points clarified, please contact the school by telephone or on Seesaw.