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Our Vision

All children have dreams. At Hendre Junior School our core aim is to equip each of our children with the attitude, the determination and the resilience to turn their dreams into aspirations and goals which they can realise. If they are to achieve this, our children must have the highest expectations of themselves and we must have the highest expectations of them. Hence, the school’s central philosophy and mission is: 

The school’s philosophy and vision is based on the core values of collaboration, belonging and pride which underpin all policy and practice. In doing so, we aim to create a happy and caring school where our children feel a sense of belonging, feel valued as both individuals and members of a community and learn to co-operate and collaborate with each other. We seek to foster in our children a sense of respect and pride for who they are, the world in which they live and all that they do, with the ultimate aim of producing well-rounded, emotionally secure, happy children who are confident and empowered to face the challenges that lie ahead in an ever-changing world.