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School Aims

At Hendre Junior School we aim:

  • to create a happy and caring school where our children feel a sense of belonging, feel valued as both individuals and members of a community and learn to co-operate and collaborate with each other;

  • to foster in our children a sense of respect and pride for who they are, the world in which they live and all that they do;

  • to develop well-rounded, emotionally secure, happy children who are confident and empowered to face the challenges ahead;

  • to provide a broad and balanced range of learning experiences which are relevant to the needs and interests of all pupils; are fun and enjoyable and provide opportunities for all children to succeed;

  • to equip children with the skills and attributes that will enable them to learn effectively and to achieve the highest standards in all aspects of school in relation to their ability, and aiming to do their best at all times;

  • to create a culture in which our children are not afraid to make mistakes, but rather to value them as something they can learn from to move them forward in their lifelong learning journey;

  • to empower pupils to be active partners in their learning, ensuring that they know how well they are doing and what they need to do to improve;

  • to help all children to develop the ability to communicate confidently, in speech and writing, listen attentively and read with accuracy and fluency;

  • to develop a positive attitude to Mathematics, enable the children to master the basic skills of Numeracy, apply mathematical ideas and understand the concepts of shape and space;

  • to enable the children to master scientific ideas and concepts and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of the local environment, their national heritage and the world at large;

  • to develop the creative and physical skills of our children through a wide variety of stimuli and opportunities, to give them the confidence and ability to express their feelings through creativity and movement  both in and  beyond school;

  • to help all children develop an understanding of their own and other cultures and religions, to demonstrate respect for, and tolerance of, other people’s faiths and cultures and to treat all children equally, irrespective of gender, race, creed or disability;

  • to help all children acquire a set of moral values and attitudes including honesty,  sincerity, trust and personal responsibility and to demonstrate courtesy, good manners, respect and consideration for themselves and others;

  • to continue to strengthen the links which have been developed with the community of Caerphilly and to work together to maintain the school’s place at the heart of the community;

  • to ensure each of our children is given equal opportunities to participate in all aspects of school life.

  • Our school holds a very important place in the community.  We recognise that we cannot achieve our aims in isolation and therefore value the involvement of parents and other members of the community. It is only through partnership that we can give our children the quality of education that they deserve.