Dosbarth Jupiter

Croeso i Dosbarth Iau. Jacob ydw i a rwyf i mewn Criw Cymreig. Dw i'n mynd i'r ysgol Hendre Iau a rwyf yn dosbarth Miss Davies. Rydyn ni'n hoffi Miss Davies achos mae Miss Davies yn caru Nadolig. Yn y Nadolig Mae Miss Davies yn gwisgo coeden Nadolig, dyn eira, pwdin Nadolig, Cracker Nadolig a Nadolig yn bresennol. Mae hi'n ddoniol iawn. 

Jupiter is a class where everyone gets along together and we learn lots of interesting subjects everyday.

In Jupiter, we always try our best to work hard, no matter what. We love to take on new challenges and maintain a positive mindset. 

We’re all friends in Jupiter and we also have friends in other planets. We try our best to be positive rolemodels for each other and the rest of the school. 

We are proud  of working hard and we know that our hard work will be rewarded.  We’ve got a mixture of talented children. Some children are sporty; some of us are arty; some of us are really good on computers and some of us love being outdoors. Even though, we’re all different; we all still get along. 

Our teachers are Miss Pollio and Miss Baker is really proud of us and thinks we're a talented bunch!