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Dosbarth Saturn

​Helo, croeso i Dosbarth Saturn, blwyddyn 5. Dw i'n mynd i'r Ysgol Iau Hendre, yn Caerffilli, de Gymru. Ein athrawes Miss Sanders, mae'r Dosbarth Sadwrn yn mwynhau bwnc Saesneg, Mathemateg, Cymraeg ac Celf. 

Dosbarth Sadwrn yn dwlu ar chwarae pel-droed ac dawnsio, ond casau syrthio allan ac dadlau.  


Miss Sanders

We are super Saturn!  We are called Super Saturn because Miss Sanders thinks that every member of our class is super!

In our class we enjoy having fun and working to our best in order to succeed.  We very much enjoy learning new things every day, overcoming challenges and being a good friend to one another.  We help and support each other and work as a successful team.

We work hard with Miss Sanders to achieve and be proud of our achievements.  Every day is a successful day in Super Saturn!


Miss Sanders


Whilst we have been learning at home, Miss Sanders has been so impressed with some of our work. Take a look!