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Dosbarth Neptune

Helo, Croeso i dosbarth Neptune. Rydyn ni’n yn blwydyddn 6.  Rydyn ni’n mynd i Ysgol  Iau Hendre yng Nghaerfilli; rydyn ni’n hoffi Caerfilli achos mae’n hen a hardd! Enw ein athrawes ydy Miss Dean. Mae Miss Dean  yn ffantasteg .  Ei’n hoff bwnc ydy Mathemateg, Celf a Cymraeg.

Yn Dosbath Neptune, rydyn ni’n hoffi chwarae pel droed a pel fainc.  Rydyn ni’n cystadleuol iawn a cariad chwarae chwareon.  Rydyn ni’n gadael yn Gorffenaf.  Rydyn ni’n trist ond cyffrous am St Cenydd. 


Dosbarth Neptune. 


We are the oldest year group in the school.  We all have responsiblities and we control our own learning.  At the beginning of the year we applied for different monitors' jobs in the classroom so we could help with, and be involved in, the things that we think we are good at and interest us the most.

In our class we love challenging ourselves.  We help each other out, work in a team and always try to do our best.  We ALWAYS uplevel our work.  Our class is very creative and the proof is in our room.

We like to have fun and don't make people feel lonely if they come and work with us - we think we're the best class in the solar system!

Mrs Dean thinks we are FAB!!


Whilst we have been learning at home, Mrs Dean has been so impressed with some of our work. Take a look!