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Learning Detectives


We are the Learning Detectives


Who are the Learning Detectives?

Mercury- Heath and Emily 
Venus- Amelia and Grace
Mars- Kirsten and Lexi A
Jupiter- Scarlett and Harry
Saturn- Indy and Cameron 
Uranus- Chloe and Sadie
Neptune- Oliver and Dylan


What are we looking for?

Learning Detectives will help pupils and adults within the school to recognise what good learning looks like following out 5 Golden Rules. This will help us at Hendre Junior School be the best we can be! Learning Detectives will help to make our pupils better learners, offer advice and celebrate what excellent learning attitudes we have at Hendre Junior School.

What are the Learning Detectives looking for?

Children who show the 5 Golden Rules. Which are...

The Learning Detectives are responsible alongside adults to hand out Golden Tickets which can be used as a reward in the classroom. 

What is a good learner?

The learning detectives think that a good learner is somebody who...

•Work well with others and learn from each other.
•Show our 5 Golden Rules.
•Listen to the teacher.
•Offer ideas and suggestions to the class,
•Try tasks by themselves or sometimes as a group or pairs.
•Are on time to lessons.
•Show their learning in all subjects.
•Always are wiling to give it a go!
•Show they are Ready, Responsible, Respectful