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Dosbarth Mars

Croeso i Dosbarth Mars! 

Rydyn ni 8 a 9 oed a ein athrawes Miss Walrond. Mae'r Dosbarth Mars yn mwynhau bwnc Mathemateg. Mae Miss Walrond yn hoffi Mathemateg yn fawr iawn! Rydyn ni gwisgo crys T glas a trowsus llwyd. Mae'r Dosbarth Mars yn mwynhau rhedeg a dawnsio achos mae'n ffantastig. 

In Dosbarth Mars we are Year 4 and our teacher is Miss Walrond. We are a fun, enthusiastic and energetic class. We are looking forward to lots of exciting learning in the juniors. We have made a fantastic start to the year and have settled in well. Miss Walrond is so proud of every single one of them. In Dosbarth Mars, we have made new friends. We are kind and caring and are always excited to learn new things. We focus and work hard to earn lots of Dojo points. Our favourite reward is hot chocolate with Mr Farmer!

We always try our very best and are enthusiastic. We have LOVED being back in school with our friends and teachers! 

We were so awesome with our online learning! Take a look!